2014 - Capricorn


Annual solar horoscope 2014 / 2015

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the Capricorn 2014 horoscope for birthdays from 15th January to 12th February or Capricorn Ascendants and Moons

Capricorn although you may get busier as we move more and more into 2014 but luckily, the Grand Cross that is currently a more or less permanent fixture in the sky until the summer, is not causing you too much trouble. Work is getting quite busy and your to do list seems never ending but this is easing come July when Jupiter, Mars and Rahu or the North node are changing signs. For you, this means a couple of things.

First of all, Jupiter will move into the area of your chart to do with committed relationships – something that may not have been on the top of your priority list over these past two years but which suddenly becomes a more pressing topic. Until the summer of 2015, you’ll have more positive expectations around relationships and meeting the right person. Some Capricorns may also be spoilt for choice during this period! With any new partnership that may be developing now, there may be an element of a foreign culture so perhaps the new love interest is actually from abroad or from a different cultural background. This planetary combination can also mean that for some Capricorns, the existing or new partner may have to travel more than usual for the time being. The full Moon on 16th January in your area of relationships is already a good opportunity to meet someone new, admit your feelings for someone or even decide that certain things in the partnerships need to be worked on – this is a continuation of a story that began in July 2012, so think about what happened then in your relationships. Now is your chance to sort it out once and for all. By the time the new Moon in the same area comes round on 27th July 2014 you’re ready for a fresh start and by then, Jupiter is on your side to lend support and a helping hand.

Meanwhile your ruler Saturn continues to cruise through your 10th house where he is not only at home but also feels very comfortable in the sign of Libra. By now, you will have started to see some of the results of all the hard work you put in over the past 2.5 years and even if your professional life or your entire life direction changes and was shaken up during the eclipses in May and November last year, you’ll be able to see the benefits as time goes on. Admittedly, you’re not quite at the end of this particular learning curve just yet and the process of change is not yet complete but I do think that by now and especially as the months go by you’ll be able to see the wood from the trees again and now where you belong and where you’re headed. If you have been given a lot more responsibility at work, you’ll be able to deal with it much better, in particular as, come July, your work schedule will be getting busier again. This has to do with Mars changing signs from Virgo to Libra and into the area of your chart to do with career and profession. You’ll be energetic, competitive and you’ll want to move things forward – all of this means you can process a lot of work but with Saturn still in the same sign, you’ll have to be patient at the same time.

Now when Rahu or the North node finally moves away from your career and professional sector, you may actually start experiencing a bit more peace in this area of your life. Not immediately but certainly from around mid-September. Rahu has caused some upheavals but also excitement in this area and was one of the reasons why your life looks so different now than it did two years ago. Now, by the autumn of 2014 you’ve leant your lessons and made up your mind – you’re ready to experience something new. For some Capricorns, new learning is on the horizon, travelling and perhaps quite a bit of writing and publishing – this could be in an educational setting or as a hobby. In any case, your belief system and ideals are now tested, perhaps through an outside source that provides inspiration and new perspectives.

Your solar year ends with you being a lot more stable and optimistic – especially when your ruler, Saturn, continues his transit through the zodiac and moves into your solar 11th house of friends, networks, profits, group activities, elder siblings and all humanitarian activities such as fund raising. Life is an endless learning curve and from the end of 2014 for the next 2.5 years, you’ll be examining your friendship group and perhaps saying goodbye to those that in the recent past have turned into acquaintances rather than friends. Over time, you’ll build a solid network of people around you that can help you achieve your goals.

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