January - Scorpio


I follow the sidereal/Vedic calendar; this is the January 2014 horoscope for birthdays from 16th November to 15th December or Scorpio Ascendants and Moons

Scorpio, for the first half of the month it’s all about money, perhaps a pay rise at work, also other people’s money such as bank loans, family money and matters, investments, insurance deals and tax. For a few weeks now, you’ve been investing your energies into new projects that you’re hoping turn out to be profitable for you. Right on the 1st January of the New Year, there is a new Moon in the area of your chart to do with your income, values and possessions. This new Moon is in the nakshatra of Purva Ashadha, The Invincible Star. It is ruled by Venus and is quite a high-achieving nakshatra. It signifies the ability to convince others, generate wealth and think quickly on one’s feet. The only downside is that we may adopt a know-it-all, preaching attitude, especially with Pluto and Mercury in Sagittarius, the sign of the preacher. With Pluto, the planet of transformation involved, it can be quite an intense but progressive time for you. This is a new opportunity to increase your income but equally, you may be a little too tempted by the January sales and spend on items that you don’t necessarily need at this time. You can be a little impulsive at the moment (actually for the next few months) so your purse may sit a little loose in your pocket this month. But generally speaking, a new Moon tends to be an opportunity to streamline and get your finances under control. It’s certainly a time to discuss your financial situation with others and this includes your family and partner. Your family in general may be a source of a bit of tension early on in the month. The new Moon together with the Sun, Pluto and Mercury square up to Uranus and Mars while Jupiter, the planet that blows everything out of proportion is in opposition….if money comes into play, wait until mid-month when things are a little calmer.

After mid-month, things get a little less intense but busy. Your commercial skills are shining through now and part of your commercial success is down to how you sell yourself now. This is a time to be out and about, meet and greet, make new contacts and present your ideas. Needless to say that this is an excellent time if you own your own business – it’s good time to get in touch and start asking those around you with the right knowledge for the help you need. Trying to make your mark on the world, reaching out to others, drafting up plans, putting your website together – all of this can also mean you’re out and about more than usual, running from one meeting to another. In any case, you’re simply learning something new along the way over these next few weeks – some of you may have been taking the learning experience more seriously or are beginning to do so now. The full Moon on 16th January is in Cancer in your house of higher learning and understanding and brings an 18-month cycle to an end. So whatever began in July 2012 is coming to a close. This can be an actual higher education course itself or for those who are just now beginning to go down this route, it can mark the end of any hesitations you may have had to try something new. The second new Moon on 31st January 2014 is then the perfect time to start implementing your new business plans, apply for a new course or launch your new venture. Exciting times.

Now, two planets are moving backwards in the sky this month, Venus is retrograde for the whole of January 2014 and Jupiter until mid-March. During retrograde periods, the planets are said to become stronger and the areas touched by the two planets are coming into even more focus. The reason for this is that during a retrograde period, we have to repeat things, gain a new perspective, re-do, adjust and modify. We have to go through the same exercise a couple of times before we can move on but when the results then materialise, expect them to be solid – by the time the planets move forward again and cross the degree on which they went retrograde, you will have had enough time to make the right choice and think about the right decision. Hence, you’ll be able to choose the right path to move forward….In any case, for you this concerns your relationships on the one hand and your finances on the other. Venus moves backwards in your money house while Jupiter is going retrograde in the area of the zodiac to do with bank loans, family money and your partner’s resources. This does not mean that none is available but for the time being, you may need to take a closer look at how much you spend. In terms of your relationships, you could see someone at a distance coming back to you or if you are in a relationship, your current partner may have to deal with some financial issues of his own, in a positive or negative sense. Although you could certainly meet quite a number of new people now, it feels like a lot of effort while spring 2014 is looking like the better time period to let romance come to you. Have a great month, Scorpio!