Moon - Aries




Diving in head first

The Moon in Aries needs competition like they need air to breathe. Someone with this placement wants to compete, even with themselves, and arrive FIRST at all times. With the combination of Moon and Mars, the ruler of Aries, a desire to have one's needs met immediately and without any regard of the consequences is often present - more so in younger years.

The Moon in Aries wants to feel like a triumphant winner, the best in class and the champion. However, no matter how hard this Moon wants to win, he won't cheat. Aries has no time or patience for scheming plans of how cheat others out of their advantage, so this Moon will do its best to come first but in an honest manner. This Moon needs to be physically active in order to be emotionally satisfied and to absorb all the extra energy within and surrounding them.

Nevertheless, someone with the Moon in Aries occasionally expresses their emotions in a more juvenile manner - acting fast and without hesitation. Typically, they like a bit of a fight and if there is no-one to rub up the wrong way, they may well go for the person standing next to them!

Ultimately, someone with this placement wears their heart on their sleeves. You tend to know what they as they react immediately and from the heart. However, whether the emotions are good or bad, angry or sad, they often pass after a very short while. This is not someone who bears a grudge and remains resentful for a long time although initially, others may get the impression they are.

If under pressure or stress, it's the head that absorbs all emotions, so someone with Moon in Aries can be prone to headaches.

AnitE.jpgAnita Ekberg, the Swedish model and actress has her Moon in Aries, with the ruler of the sign, Mars in opposition.









Mars in Libra together with the Moon in Aries can be interpreted as being competitive with their Looks. She certainly did compete in a number of model contests - and won.